What Are The Causes Of The American Enlightenment

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379 words

Americans in the 18th century had become disconnected from their fellow countrymen in the years before the First Great Awakening and the Enlightenment due to the lack of unifying events in their lives and country. During the 1800th century, the Enlightenment and the First Great Awakening contributed to the increase of American unification and unrest towards their rulers. These events came to be because of the European Enlightenment and apathetic church goers, which eventually caused the American Revolution. The American Enlightenment was caused by the European enlightenment and the following scientific revolution. Travelers brought news of the happenings over to the colonies which lead to the colonists having a subsequent period of enlightened ideas. The European enlightenment’s main cause was the Thirty years’ war in central Europe, mostly in what would become Germany. . The First Great Awakening was caused by a myriad of factors, two of these being the Glorious Revolution in England and disgruntled pastors angry at the laity. The main characters in the Great Awakening were Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield. George Whitefield was a revival preacher who helped spread the Great Awakening in America as well as Britain. Jonathan Edwards was also a revival preacher whose congregation called themselves New Lights. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the enlightenment caused the romanticism period to come about due to the withdrawal of reason and greater concentration on feelings and emotions.
  • Opines that while many other colonial movements have had wide reaching effects none have quite had the reach of the enlightenment and great awakening.
  • Explains that the american revolution was caused by the european enlightenment and the following scientific revolution. the glorious revolution in england and disgruntled pastors caused the great awakening.
  • Explains the effects of the first great awakening were large in number and great in lasting effect on colonial development.

The Enlightenment caused the Romanticism period to come about due to the withdrawal of reason and greater concentration on feelings and emotions. The Enlightenment also greatly influenced the creation of political documents early in the US’s

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