What Are The Causes Of Suburbanization

In the early twentieth century, there is a lot of suburbanization going on. Most of the white population and factories were being move to suburb area, so suburbs become economically advanced areas. There are more housing opportunity in the inner city, since the whites were move out, so there are a lot of blacks and poor people start to move in. Inner city soon become black people’s living space. However, they were isolated from suburb area, the economic depression is everywhere in the city, the house are poor and crowded, most of the residents live under the poverty and many other social problems. The major social problem afflicting ghettoized neighborhoods is lack of job opportunity. In 1960 the black young men’s unemployment rate is twice than the whites. The difference between female is even bigger. After the end of the World War II, black people’s unemployment rate start to increase. Because many armament factories being close down and a lot of solider return to the country and…show more content…
There is many single family in that neighborhoods. The first cause of single family is that a lot of black men can’t find the job, so they would just abandon their family. This way would make his wife and children qualify for welfare program. The second cause is most of the teenagers in here usually have low education level and growing up in dysfunctional family. Poverty and ignorance lead them to have all kinds of bad behavior in physical, mental and moral. Therefore, unmarried pregnancy has become a common thing in here. Children growing up in this kind of environment would often fail to get normal education, they become more difficult to find a job than their parents. Some of blacks not even go out try to find a job, they would just rely on the welfare program. This caused the financial burden to the municipal government and also caused the black community to have higher crime and drug use rates than other
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