What Are The Causes And Dynamic Impact Of Dysfunctional And Toxic Leadership?

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Leadership This purpose of this paper is to explore leadership and its impact on organizations. Leadership as defined by XXX is “the power or ability to lead other people”; however, how does someone develop the skills to lead others. The skills and traits a leader should possess have been studied and written about for ages and ultimately the key is that leader is not born with leadership skills the skills are fostered and honed. Due to positive and negative impacts a leaders can have on their staff and ultimately their organizations leaders have an influential impact on the moral and success of the organization and its staff. Leaders who have not developed the skills to be a leaders for their organization and staff can…show more content…
Part I of this paper will review the causes and dynamic impacts of dysfunctional and toxic leadership on an organization. Part II will provide an example of how to a leader can address employee retention within an organization from five different perspectives. Part III will explore possible options a leader can use to address the material presented in both Part I and III to create a path for a leaders to effective address the issue of employee…show more content…
The environment set by a leaders can have a positive or negative impact on the staff and organization. Unfortunately, the lack of leadership training by those in leadership positions can lead to a dysfunctional and toxic organization. Understanding the impact of dysfunctional leaders on an organization is key to understanding how to correct the action. The impact of dysfunctional leaders has a major effect on the staff, according to Jha and Jha (2015), “The consequences of dysfunctional leadership behaviour are beyond measure. Organizations lose out on competitiveness due to withholding of discretionary efforts on the part of the employees as a result of being victimized by their toxic bosses without any valid grounds. On the other hand, the employees working under dysfunctional leaders suffer from annoyance, psychological stress and trauma and transfer their frustration on to their family members in terms of being indifferent and violent” (p. 21). When employees feel victimized by a dysfunctional leader the organizational as a whole will feel the negative impact and ultimately lead to low moral and high employee turnover. Jha and Jah information is key on how there is a major consequence that dysfunctional leaders have on their organization and especially on their staff. One of the keys of a successful organization is
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