What Are The Benefits Of Tourism Essay

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1-Introduction On 7th November2016 the tour guide came to our class and decided to go for a trip, on that time they gave us all the plan for what will include the trip like time and extra things. First of all they told us about the time of the trip and it was suppose for us to convergence on college at 8:30 AM it means that when start to at 9:30AM. The purpose of this trip is to get experience how to communicate with disable people such as senior people. Finally this will includes our class mates, thatcher's, tour guides, and senior people. 2-Main body: 2.1-Activity Next day on 8th November 2016 it was a day for the trip which we had plan for it before. All peoples we on the place at time expect senior people who they came at 9:50AM it means…show more content…
Tourism is important for many recons. First of all the tourism help to grow economy in country. Secondly open more business at the same time makes more jobs. Finally the people could detection other civilizations and culture .Moreover the tourism has negatives and positives things. The positives or benefit of tourism it affects three types. First one in society how tourism useful in society, brining different jobs in the areas therefor people don`t need to change our cities to gain money (2016). Also .Secondly in the economy how tourism impact the economy according to Dwyer and Forsyth, (1997) when a person travels to any country need to money to covers the needs such as food, residence, and transportation. Therefor the money that is used by tourists increase the economy in the country. Finally in…show more content…
What means accessible tourism, this tourism for decibel people such as, deaf, blind, mute, senior people, kids, and pregnant. with development of services and facility. In addition accessible tourism his importance according to Buhalis, D., Darcy, S., & Ambrose, I. (2012), explain that according to the world health organization (WHO) the number of decibel people more a billion people arrived rate 15%. In the and people interest to action products for disabled people for example Hilal Al Siyabi the best example for that. Where he invented a lot of projects but it could design some projects for disabled people, some of them: Base of Products Project idea Disabled people can taking the purpose for high place without difficulty. 1-Provide lifter system to wheelchair to lift the body about 45-50 centimeters. If disabled people going for any please don`t find any problem if want to parking. 2-Put Plate provider with alarm and camera in disabled parking, and put sticky in disabled cars. If car parking for non-disabled. The alarm rings with take photo for the

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