What Are The Advantages Of A Two Career Family

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In the past, things were not so expensive. Mothers stayed home with their children while the father worked outside of the home to support the family. Nowadays, that is not the case. More and more mothers everyday work outside the home, so the family can make ends meet. Although the mothers would like to stay home with their children, there are some advantages of having a two-career family. The family has more money for bills, entertainment, and a savings account. A two-career family can better afford the cost of everyday living. They can cover the essentials of living as an adult, and they do not have to worry about their bills not being paid. A one-career family on the other hand, may run into a problem. One paycheck can only go so far and it goes quickly. If you do not have two incomes, it can make it hard to survive financially. A two-income family has more wiggle room to buy things like homes, cars, and boats which create more bills. In contrast, most one-career families do not have that luxury. They cannot afford to go out and…show more content…
They like to have money put back just in case of an emergency. A two-career family is able to put some money into their savings account for the purpose of things like home and car repair. They can afford to save money for the unexpected parts of life. A one-career family however, is not capable of putting money into their savings. They do not have as much money to work with, so at the end of the month they do not have much left over. Most one-career families live paycheck to paycheck, so having money left for a savings is unheard of. Whether you are a two-career family or a one-career family the cost of living is expensive. A two-career family has the upper hand because they have two incomes to work with. All that matters is that the family is financially making it. One type of family is no better than the other, as long as they are happy at the end of the
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