What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Networking Essay

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Social networking spread to global distribution since long time ago. Facebook, twitter was always actives around the every corner in this world. Unquestionable, the social networking always is a controversial issue. Teenager violent from the social networking games or social communication software led to human loneliness. Certainly, everything include advantages and disadvantages, social networking present numerous positive influence during the time. The point is how to use them and develop them in a positive direction. Democracy indicated freedom, human life without freedom same like dark without glow. In another word democracy is also a representative of speak out opportunity for human. Since the Facebook and twitter spreading everyone has…show more content…
The Internet has a significant role on democracy and political development, the internet can not only make the general public to know what is a common concern, and make the political institutions of society, executive branch and a lot of the legislature can directly face the public information feedback, and use the network open government information, establish a wide range of communication between government and citizens. Utilization aspect, mainly used in China, the network will be channel of information, Netnews of utilization rate is as high as 77.3%, is the highest of all network applications use network. The second is the network as a communication tool and entertainment tool. In the network transmission, everything in the reality reflected almost always, especially as China's grass-roots Internet users increase gradually; reflect the grassroots (including vulnerable groups). In the public society provided by the network transmission, the convergence of network public opinion is becoming more and more quickly, netizens transit from network uploading publics own opinion to BBS, online signature methods such as rapid formation of network public opinion, formation of strong public pressure. Network public opinion formed by public opinion has caused the great attention of the party and the government; lead to solve a lot of problems in…show more content…
In authoritarian influence of China's rise has the old regime inefficiency, could not clean the traditional exclusion people to fully participate in the institutional inertia, happened after the founding of new China has a huge change, however, the influence of the frequent political movements is difficult to make people overcome parliamentary phobia. After the reform and opening up, China's democratic political construction has made significant progress, but the political system reform is still far lags behind other cause the pace of reform, due to the system, system and other reasons, the facing difficulties and problems are also the most serious issue. Due to the further development of the socialist market economy, the reform of political system caused the change of social class. Governments need to have political power and economic power to the people to respect, also need more public participation in politics and public affairs to safeguard their own interests and reflect the opinion of society and

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