What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertising

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If everyone skips the ads
There is no doubt that advertising is nearly unavoidable these days. No matter if for example: on hoardings, on the Internet, on the Radio, on billboards or on the TV. Advertising seems to be everywhere and consumers are also slowly becoming annoyed by it. But the more attention a company receives for their product the better it will sell. Considering that several produce a lot ads for the commercial breaks. However, many people are used to skip the commercial break and switch to another program or they maybe just do something else. But how do advertising influences our lives? Is there only a negative side to it? Does channel-surfing through commercial breaks have any effect on the companies?

On the one hand, I believe it is important to know that mainly every private channel subsists on the advertising. For every ad sent the TV station gets a lot of money, which they are dependent on to survive and to produce a more interesting program for the viewers. For example huge productions like live-broadcasting of football games are very expensive. Additionally, ads do have a great impact on the viewer because of that, it is possible for the channels to provide us with more interesting programs. Furthermore, I read in an article named “If Everyone Skips the Ads, How Will TV
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If we do not skip the ads we are regularly confronted with the “throwaway society”. Many seem to forget that they should appreciate what they have, but in manly every commercial you hear that you need the newest invention as it is better than everything else you have witness before. The latest invented commodity you have, the more popular you are. Some feel like if they throw away old things and just own the newer ones, they would be part of a special group. I consider this lifestyle just as a fake reality and also as a waste of money, as if these people are just trying to compensate something they are

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