What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

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The world is increasingly trying to find alternative options to the coal, which is a polluted source of power. I think that Solar Energy could be used here in the UAE to generate a clean source of energy which will decrease the amount of pollution that we have in the air. In the long term, it will also cause the heat to decrease a bit. We have sun the whole year in the UAE and this is why I was interested to write about this topic. Solar Energy is a natural source of energy that never runs out and one of the most effective ways to save our environment. It is the usage of the Sun’s radiation and light to generate thermal and electrical energy. It is also considered the best option for modern people and industries because Solar Energy is renewable.…show more content…
It has become a common solar power use nowadays. For example, it could be used for solar powered charges, which could charge anything from a cell phone to a tablet. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Solar Energy: The solar energy is getting more and more popular each and every day. It is not a secret that this technology has many advantages. Here are some advantages that solar energy provides to us. First of all, it is better for our environment because utilizing solar energy doesn’t cause pollution. Solar energy is so clean; leaving no carbon dioxide in the air or harmful emissions. It is clear that solar energy reduces our dependence on the non-renewable energy sources. This is one of the most important steps to overcome the global warming crisis. In addition, solar energy is a renewable energy source. This means that we will never run out of solar energy. Solar energy is available everywhere on Earth; not only in the countries that are closest to the Equator. Some people think that solar energy only works in sunny regions, but that’s not true. Solar panels can be effective in cooler climates as well. The world’s current solar energy leader is
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