What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teamwork?

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Teamwork is considered beneficial to productivity and unavoidable in most companies. Relying on a bunch of people to successfully complete a task necessitates that they are overcoming their weaknesses and incorporate their strengths. A team is only as strong as its weakest member but amounts to enormous (creative) power when emulsified. Some of the common disadvantages a team faces are competition amongst members, communication struggles, lack of innovation based on herd mentality, and free riding. On the other hand, teamwork has many advantages, increased input from multiple individuals, and accelerated speed in completing tasks, overcoming obstacles due to brainstorming, rewarding interpersonal relationships and building trust, reliability…show more content…
The group, 3 men and three women, have different levels of computer knowledge, different backgrounds and completely diverse personalities. At the first evening class all the individuals met and entered the forming stage of team development by reading through the course outlines, learning what the course opportunities and challenges would be. The instructor, who facilitates the team building process, established the rules and guidelines and encouraged all to collaborate together (Fin Lee, 2017). During the first few weeks of class people worked mainly on their own progress and conflicts arose (storming stage) about who has completed the project first, disregarding the requirement of teamwork to advance in this course. They worked through their differences and power struggles by providing productive criticism and feedback. Although, the instructor offered mediation, the group eventually resolved their…show more content…
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