What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sampling Method

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Criminal justice researchers use a scientific method called sampling to understand the characteristics of people and events. By studying part of a group, they gain insight into traits of the whole group. Criminal justice researchers use several sampling methods. Each of these methods has their ideal use as well as advantages and disadvantages.

The Science of Sampling

Sampling is the method scientists use to collect people, locations and other items to research. The outcome of sampling research is only as valid as the samples the researchers used for their studies. A sample is part of a whole called a population. It is possible to sample entire populations, such as in the United States census, but for most applications this is impractical.
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They can also use cluster sampling, a selection method where researchers choose samples based on how they identify with each other. Then, researchers randomly select samples from this group. In stratified random sampling, researchers create clusters from the entire population before choosing candidates.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Criminal Sampling

There are advantages and disadvantages to researchers’ various sampling methods. Random sampling does a good job of representing an entire population. However, researchers may have difficulty establishing a full list of a given population. The time and the expense involved in doing this can make the task impossible. Also, separating members from their group for research can prove unsettling for the target. Another issue is that by the time researchers have completed a study using this method the parameters of the sample can change, nullifying research results.

Stratified random sampling ensures that a study represents specific groups. However, this method is complex and requires great effort and diligence. Cluster sampling allows researchers to make random selections with a limited population. The drawback to this method is that the clusters must accurately represent the targeted population, and traits of the cluster may not align with needed population
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