What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Physical Education?

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1. Quantitative
a. This is one of the two main ways that data is collected when doing research. Quantitative data has a focus on obtaining a specific goal and has objectivity. These goals are obtained through numerical measurements and contain control groups and variables in the experiments to help provide answers that show relationships. (McMillan, 2012, p. 11)
b. Statistics are used and seen all the time in research to provide answers to the problem at hand. As we wrap up the end of the school year at the school I teach at, we have discussed different percentages to help clarify or successful school year such as attrition rates, enrollment percent changes from the beginning of the year to the end of the year and then what we are expected to start at in August. This is all done through quantitative research.
2. Qualitative
a. Data that focuses more on understanding rather than a single, numerical answer and it is
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If I were doing a study on the advantages and disadvantages of having physical education in the elementary school system and requiring it, a good question for me to search would be, “Are there any sources that mention physical education having a direct impact on academic performance?”
10. Foreshadowed Problems
a. Foreshadowed problems are mentioned in the section of the literature review, specifically a qualitative literature review, and they are statements made that express the “general purpose of the study” (McMillan, 2012, p. 84).
b. In the study I performed on social media and its impacts on college aged students, are foreshadowed problems seen in the literature review revolved around positive and negative effects of social media, social media effects on relationships, social media effects on communication, and ways social media can be utilized in the college setting.
11. Simple Random Sampling
a. Simple random sampling is when everyone in a given population of an experience has the same chance of being selected. (McMillan, 2012, p.
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