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What are morals? When one thinks about morals, he or she often find himself in difficulty. It is a fact that morals are mostly passed from one generation to another. However, we all face challenges when trying to understand whether they are all accurate or not. To start with, Morals are those values that normally protect life and always respectful of the dual life value of individual and others. Therefore, Morals are those rules that normally govern actions that re wrong or right. We know that morals may be for all people in the society or individual beliefs in the society. Some of the great morals include freedom, charity, truth, honesty and patience and all of them have a common goal. It is a fact that when they function well in the society, they end up protecting and enhancing life. These morals need to be examined always to make sure that they are performing their mission of protecting life. As a matter of fact, morals are derived from the government and society, self and religion. When morals are derived from the government and society, they tend to change as the morals and laws of the society changes. An example of the changes is seen in the cases of marriage versus individuals living together. It is true that in the past generation, it was quite rare to see any couple living together without having any legal matrimonial ceremony. However, this is quite different today. Some couples start living together without any legal ceremony. Such couples are still respected by people in the society which was not possible in the past. Morals that are derived from self are demonstrated mostly in the behavior of young toddlers and infants. For instance you find that when a child is prohibited from touching a certain object they hes... ... middle of paper ... ...cing cases of cyber bullying and abuse. With the increase of people especially young children using internet, it quite important to inform them how to use the internet properly and also learn its dangers. Therefore having this course will help in instilling proper cyber etiquette especially at an early age. Through this course internet users will be provided with a good learning environment that is self-paced and has interactive features to cater auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Thus by the time learners complete this course they will learn to treat others with a lot of respect and respect other people’s online properties. In addition they will end up creating a positive and digital footprint. Therefore when faced with any cyber issues they will know how to handle it because they will manage to apply the knowledge gained through taking cyber ethics course.

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