What Are Mass Killers?

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A mass murderer is a person that kills three or more people at once in the same place. Most of these killers are adult males that have suffered a humiliating phenomenon, like being fired or thrown out of their own house ( "Mass Killers-Characteristics"). They generally act on a whim and attack random people, usually with the use of firearms. After the attack, they will usually end their own lives or surrender, putting their fate in the hands of the state government. In some cases, mass murderers are not even sentenced for life in prison; they are institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital or serve time in prison despite the vile crime they have committed. Mass killers are a danger to society and do not deserve to live after what they have…show more content…
The most common motivation is revenge. This could be revenge on the killer 's boss or someone who emotionally hurt the offender, like a bully ( "Mass Killers-Characteristics" ). Another motive to kill is a physical, psychological, or social feature of the victim that attracts the killer, for example, people of a certain race or sex might attract a killer if the criminal dislikes that certain feature (O 'Connor). Some mass killers also have a "desire to lash out against the world which is 'not right ' in some way" ( "Mass Killers-Characteristics"). Other killers just want to please their cult or gang leaders. For example, the members of the Peoples Temple Group committed mass suicide because the cult leader, Jim Jones, instructed them to do so (Ignacio Blanco). It is also possible that the killer commits the crime because of a moral obligation. Andrea Yates drowned all five of her children because she believed they were going to become murderers and pedophiles. She believed it was her responsibility protect her children from going to hell by killing them while they were still young and innocent. Just like mass murderers have their own reason to kill, they also have their own…show more content…
The most common method of mass murder is with the use of firearms. Adam Lanza shot his way through a locked glass door at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He proceeded to walk through the whole school, stopping in several classrooms and killing twenty students between ages six and seven, eight staff members, and finally, killed himself when enforcements arrived (Ignacio Blanco). Another method of mass murder is stabbing. In 1996, Richard Speck broke into a South Chicago townhouse and took eight women hostage. He beat and raped them before finally stabbing them to death (Ignacio Blanco). Drowning is strange method that is not commonly used for mass murder. However, Andrea Yates used a bathtub in her own home to methodically drown all five of her children, one by one. She placed four of the children on her bed and left the oldest floating in the tub (Ignacio Blanco). Poisoning is also a strange method for mass murder, but is what was used in 1978 to kill the members of Jim Jones ' cult. Jim Jones forced over nine hundred of his followers to drink purple Flavor Aid laced with cyanide(Ignacio Blanco). Every murderer needs to be punished for what they have

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