What Are Human Rights?

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Human Rights Questions

1. What are Human Rights? What are examples of people being denied Human Rights?

Human Rights are a set of moral and legal guidelines inherent to all human beings that are interdependent, interrelated and indivisible. They are the same within communities, countries and globally and don’t change no matter your age, race, gender, religion, language etc. They recognise our basic freedoms and protections. The human rights act covers all our basic rights including rights to basic needs, equality, fair trials/justice and rights to freedom. Some examples of people being denied human rights include:

- People being left out of the census
- Segregation
- Discrimination based on race (Black Americans, Martin Luther
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The Icelandic Human Rights centre states that the most vulnerable minorities are those of ethnicity, religion, language, gender and politics. However, women and children make up the majority with over 80% of trafficking industry made up of them. Those who are living in developing countries and below the poverty line suffer the most from human rights abuse because usually, they’re uneducated, desperate and poor. For example, 2.5 million children a year die from diarrhoea linked to unclean water in developing countries. Overall, the sort of people that are most vulnerable to Human Rights abuse are those that are less fortunate and less…show more content…
This is consistent with the human rights issues hotspots and indicates that these countries do have human rights issues.

The statistics shown to the left highlight the regions in which child brides are prominent. The regions in this data are consistent with the countries mapped as a hotspot for human rights issues.

4. While Australia would seem to be doing fairly well with human rights issues, are there some issues within this country that indicate that we could be doing better in terms of Human
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