What Are Gender Roles In The Great Gatsby

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Gender and their role in Society
The two sexes that inhabited in the 19th to most of the 20th Century had separate spheres where the only time married couples met was during breakfast and dinner. Because women were thought to be morally superior to men but physically weaker, they were considered more suited to the domestic sphere. Whereas the men commuted to their work and laboured all day to bring money in for the families. In ‘The Great Gatsby’ men in the story are expected to earn lots of money to support the maintenance of their women. That’s why for Gatsby to get the girl of his dream (Daisy), he wanted to become rich and be a man of status and power. Men were also very dominate over woman, in one chapter, Tom (Daisy’s husband) exerts
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They had to let their husband decide what’s best for the whole family. They without arguing, question or complaining had to back up their husband’s decisions and be completely submissive. "She was a masterly keeper of her box of a house.” This quote showed that Sarah Penn was a perfect housewife to her husband fitting perfectly into the expectations of society. When she went outside and question the men’s digging, “I wish you you’d go into the house, mother, an ‘tend to your own affairs” her own husband precisely told her to mind her own business and this was the stereotypical thinking everyone had during this time. Adoniram was also the man of the house, “He can’t help it . . . Father kept it shingled right up.” This quote shows that Adoniram was a typical hands-on tool man, when anything in the house got damaged, he was right on to it and had got it fixed up. This was the reason why they’ve been living in the same house, he was conservative and didn’t like too much change. The next morning after the serious talk about their promise, "He looked at his wife, and his manner was defiantly apologetic." Even when he's quiet, proud and shown to be prideful, he still cared deeply about his wife. The promise was also a seeming easy one to do, because building a new house should have been easy for man like Adoniram. I think he is reluctantly to listen to his wife due to social pressure of listening to a woman. During this time, going against this traditional way of thinking will result in harsh judgment from society. The attention and immediate response from the town’s people towards Sarah’s reconstruction of their barn was a proof of this. But Adoniram’s reaction to this was more surprising, "Adoniram was like a fortress whose walls had no active resistance and went down the instant the right besieging tools were used." This goes to show that even a harden man is also able to break down if u
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