What A Fossil Fuels And The Alternatives

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Our dependance on fossil fuels as a species is a big issue. Finding an alternative is needed. Understanding what a fossil fuels and the alternatives is the first step. Fossil fuels are created from organic material that was created millions of years ago. Petroleum, a fossil fuel gets its name from two words, "petra" meaning rock and "oleum" which means oil. Petroleum is drilled in order to search for oil. Also to determine the size of a reserve, as well as to produce oil and gas at a controlled rate. There are different ways to recover petroleum. One of which is primary recovery. In this method, all flows are from natural pressure or simple pumping. The maximum recovery is thirty percent of the oil in the well. Secondary recovery pumps water or gas into the well to force oil out. Through this, an additional ten to twenty percent can be recovered. There are severe environmental impact from fossil fuel use. These impacts are found in all stages, recovery, transportation, refining,storage,and end use. During recovery of coal, the earth suffers destruction of topsoil as well as acidic run off creating orange creeks and land subsidence. Petroleum production causes on land and offshore drilling as well as gushers and accidents. During transportation accidents can occur and are pretty much routine. This causes massive pollution of the seas. Preparation or refining creates refuse and sludge from coal cleaning plants. With petroleum air and water pollution are caused. In storage, gasoline leaks in underground tanks at gas stations are a threat. During end use, pollutants from combustion occur. Also, the release of sulfur and nitrogen oxides pose a threat. The use of coal for energy is the fastest growing energy production method in the wo... ... middle of paper ... ...ical efficiency of collectors. Most people do not live on the equator, and noon has the nasty inconvenience of occurring only once per day around the world. The technology is almost useless for people who live in cold climates and want to power not just water but entire homes. Active solar is also not cheap, however, costs are falling and they can pay for themselves quickly through reduced fuel bills. There has to be an alternative to fossil fuels. Our society cannot be so dependent on a finite resource. Finding an alternative is challenging, considering the solutions do not provide the amount of energy fossil fuels do. Another issue is switching over from fossil fuels. Our civilization has grown so accustomed to fossil fuels, switching over would essentially mean changing the daily routine of every person on this planet. The issue is clear, but the solution is not.

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