WGU EST1 Task 2: Agreement Violation Letter

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I'm writing because I believe the City of Alexandria, Virginia is in violation of their agreement with part-time non eligible VRS employees. VRS employees would receive a state pension and their Prudential Supplemental Pension. The only thing I would receive as a part-time employee would be the Supplemental benefit from Priudential. Again, The City of Alexandria is penalizing it's part-time employees. Three years ago they riffed part-time employees who were making high hourly wages and had served the city for an average of 25 years or more, majority, minorities,women, and considered seniors (well documented). The city has also coaxed individuals into changing their classifications, so the city would not have to offer those employees insurance. Now, they are penalizing employees for taking the Lump Sum payment from the Supplemental Prudential Plan.…show more content…
I attended the bogus information meeting. They held these meetings knowing that they were not going to side with the part-time employees, historically, they never do.The individuals on the Retirement Board or City Counsel who approved this change will not be affected because their monthly annuities will be much higher from the Supplemental Plan than an individual part-time employee who selects the annuity option. With that being said, I don't believe an individual after 25 plus years of service should have to wait each month to receive $187.00. the better option for me is the Lump Sum option. That would've allowed me to roll some over and keep a portion as a cash payout. After all, I earned this during my 25 plus years of
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