Westward Expansion: Daniel Boone

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Daniel Boone was not only a woodsman, but he was a hunter, freedom fighter, explorer, and dreamer. He was looking for riches of the West. He was one of the first to travel through the thick forests and cut his way through them. He fought against British soldiers to keep expanding and exploring to the West. He was also attacked by the Shawnee Indians but escaped and kept heading west. Lewis and Clark set out on a mapping expedition through the Rockies. They were saved by a Native American girl who also saved their journals. They were the first new Americans to reach the Pacific Ocean and over land. In their journals they had 300 species of wildlife that they discovered on their way. Jedediah Smith was the greatest hunter in American history. Jedediah was a beaver trapper. He would walk almost every year 1000 miles over the Rockies and would get 600 beaver pelts a year. He was very Christian; he did not smoke or drink. He was very smart, because he worked with the Native Americans. They helped him with shortcuts, nursed his man and helped him with food. He was attacked by a bear, ...

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