Westminster Democracy Essay

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"In what ways and to what extent does the political system of the UK fit Lijphart’s models of democracy? How has this changed over recent decades?"
There are two types of democracy: the first, majoritarian or Westminster democracy is what most people just imagine of when they think of democracy whereby a legislature elected by a majority of the voters governs and votes by means of the ruling party if it rules poorly. UK presents the most excellent instance of this kind of democracy, thus the name "Westminster." The second category of democracy, consensus democratic system, involves extreme greater compromise as well as considerable minority rights (Lijphart 2009, 15). Westminster as well as consensus democracies differ along
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On the other hand, there’re some major attributes that get accepted. It‘s accepted that this model of Westminster democracy has well-built devolved cabinet government control through the political group in authority at the moment. Parliamentary autonomy is as well important with supremacy just inside the state (Lane & Svante 2000, 82).The mainstream group is the group which enacts or executes laws as well as support these policies and get usually supported through their group 's backbenchers. The two-party organisation exists under Westminster replica and the opposing group exists to show the errors of the appointed party 's guiding principles because the opposing party 's objective involves checking on the party in power with an aim of becoming elected in future elections (Lane & Svante 2000, 44). It’s too a facet that policies are responsible since it’s merely the state that is engaged during the process of policy making, where officials appointed by citizens are agents of their citizens and work for their interests. Civil employees exist to execute the laws; they’re impartial and protect the state (Lijphart 2009, 15). This model is considered to be elitist, hierarchy in nature, downward organisation and gets perceived as the conventional UK political method of policy creation (Norris 2012, 55). Likewise, this replica…show more content…
This report as well suggested that limits must be increased on education fees in which there’re no restrictions on what colleges may charge. This will, as Willets says, decrease bureaucracy along with boosting financing for colleges. This shift from government financing to private financing of institutions of higher learning, thus, confirms the view of a transition to power because administration of institutions of higher learning through the government has been decreased and substituted through regulation. Also, the Westminster replica has changed such that the state relies on other sectors instead of just those within the political ladder (Lijphart 2009, 25). Such external organisations that do not have any considerable authority except may have a place within the policy. The phrase “governance” means that a transition away from the government control to personal interests long with the marketplace factors to affect and impose policies
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