Western states and Security Concerns

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Realism philosophers such as Glaser affirm that, ‘the international system is anarchic –there is not an international authority that can enforce agreements and prevent the use of force’ . This assertion facilitates the analysis and understanding of the role that each state ought to adopt to survive in a world where the lack of authority at the highest level primes. Furthermore, such anarchism promotes the individual strengthening of the states, which in turn, are compelled to accumulate sufficient power to protect their national interests. For example, during the period of the cold war, superpowers such as the United States of America (US) and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) initiated a long-term run for the world dominance with hegemonic purposes. Finally, the success of the US and the defeat of the USSR allowed testing international relations theories and reconfiguring the world order in terms of power. This essay will analyze why Western states favor the realist approach to address security concerns. The document will present the United States of America (US) as the icon of the modern Western world. In the same way, the content will be examined under the scope of its politics and military power.

To begin with, it is necessary to highlight that one ruling principle of realism supports the argument that, ‘states exist in an international system that is characterized by competition and war’ . This principle helps understanding some of the states’ motivations to preserve their integrity and national interests. At the same time, it permits to comprehend why security is so important when it comes to defending the growth and development of the state. Hence, one might think that under the scope of realism, the st...

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...the particular case of the US, politics has offered the opportunity to strengthen its privileged position among the international community. This position has been wisely used to expand not only its ideology, but also its authority through international powerful organizations such as the UN. On the other hand, the military power of the US has permitted to consolidate its political power in such way that it possesses active presence in neuralgic points of the world. Hence, Western states such as the US address security concerns through a realistic perspective since this theory encourages the use of force as a prevalent factor in the procurement of power and hegemony. Besides, realism portrays a vision that perfectly matches with the facts that history has registered during centuries: an individualistic vision of a world plagued of ambition, thirst of power, and war.
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