Western Culture Research Paper

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I. Culture is made up of beliefs, social norms, material traits of a race, religion, and social groups are in decay western culture. Meaning, western culture is experiencing a prolonged decay, notwithstanding its technological innovations, announced patience, equality of opportunities, and constant striving to make everyday existence more safe and comfortable. Some down falls are: common concern about looking wealthy instead of being wealthy, freakish art, and the widening inequality between the rich and the poor. One of the main reasons for western culture's decay is do to the fact that people are pretending to be wealthy by creating a false image, instead of actually being you. Media, public opinion, commercials and product manufacturers teach western people to judge themselves and others by their possessions that illustrate a phrase that "The rich become richer, the poor become even poorer." If we look at modern art, which directly signifies to the term of culture, we will see that priorities have changed significantly, starting from the beginning of the 20th century. Western culture, full of flaws and uncomfortable compromises, is slowly slithering out of control. II. 1) Words that I encountered with difficulty are the following: a) Aggregate- adjective: taking all units as a whole. b) Novelties- noun: something new or unusual. c) Disparity- adjective: very different/polar opposites. d) Erroneous- adjective: containing or characterized by error. e) Blasphemy- noun: great disrespect shown to God or to something holy. f) Diagnosis– noun: a statement or conclusion that describes the reason for a problem. g) Unaesthetic- adjective: does not relate to art or beauty h) Socio-economic- adjective: relating to, or involving a combin... ... middle of paper ... and the poor has widened significantly. The 90% of the richest Americans went from making a median of $85,800 in 1967 to $138,900, making 62% increases. Clearly illustrating a phrase that "The richest become richer, the poorest become even poorer." This affecting my life’s opinion because I need to be able to realize this, and wake up to the reality of the world which can be viewed as a harsh lesson but a valuable one. Western culture, full of contradictions and uncomfortable compromises, is slowly slipping out of balance influencing many people. The increasing social inequality expressed in the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, in people’s obsession by the external signs of success, and not in real development can see this. False images and fake characters leaves you to make the right decision out of the wrong on how you are going to live your life.
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