Western Colonization

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There were many countries that had ever been colonized in the world. India is one of these countries that affected by the Britain very much. From 16th century to 20th century, British colonialist began the aggression and expanding. England had ever governed many countries by using force methods . Absolutely, India became the target because of its widely nature products and lack of military power. The ancient country was suffering the colonial bearing. As English invade , many parts of India were changed such as culture, traditions and political structure. They also influenced Indians on language. In old days, they usually used Hindi, but now they almost use English. Some changes are positive while others are negative. Overall, in my opinion, the changes made by mixing culture do more harmful to India than positive. The positive elements are transportation, political structure, advanced technology. The negative elements are language, traditional culture and religion problems. As English governed the India , they used an efficient way to destroy the revolt from the Indian . They taught Indian English instead of their original language. Hindi is the traditional language in India, and it has thousands of the years ’ history. English gives Indian more opportunities on global business and makes Indian have higher status in the world, however, at the same time, it causes many problems. With Indian use English to communicate with foreigners, they forgot the original language. Most young people recognize that English is more fashionable. Our educational policies systematically discourage the teaching of Sanskrit, and one wonders again whether that is in deference to Macaulay, who found that great language (though he confessed ... ... middle of paper ... .../22/2011] Marker S. 2003 ‘Effects of colonization’, [Online] Available at: http://www.beyondintractability.org/bi-essay/post-colonial [Accessed on: 10/22/2011] Robinson S, 2008, ‘How India Colonized Britain’, [Online] Available at: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1730172,00.html [Accessed on: 10/22/2011] Kanji K, 2008, the Ecological and Political Impact of Colonialism in the Third World During the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, [Online] Available at: http://www.articlesbase.com/politics-articles/the-ecological-and-political-impact-of-colonialism-in-the-third-world-during-the-nineteenth-and-twentieth-centuries-306767.html [Accessed on: 10/22/2011] Donaldson D, 2011, Estimating the Impact of Transportation Infrastructure, [Online], Available at: www.econ.as.nyu.edu/docs/IO/10131/donaldson_JMP.pdf Available at: [Accessed on: 10/22/2011]
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