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Western Some stupid cowboy guy went into a dump of a town called Wisbech. The local Sheriff came up to him, "what are you doing here," he asked. "None of your business," replied the stranger calmly. "Ok, pay your tax," said the sheriff. "Go to hell!" said the Stranger, as he divedto the side drawing his Colt 45 pistol, firing only one shot towards the small town sheriff, the stranger rolled behind a barrel then ran off down a back alley behind the saloon. The bullet hit a window just next to the sheriff, shattering it. The shot automatically brought out the deputy sheriff from the sheriff's office; he appeared with a benneli 12 ball shotgun poised ready to protect his sheriff. The deputy ran over to the sheriff, "I'm too old for this crap," the sheriff said just after what seemed a never ending sigh. Days passed without any sighting of this certain stranger, but things had started to happen, things that hadn't happened previously such as bread and beer being stolen, a horse equipped with a saddle, shotgun and rounds had been stolen during the night from outside the blacksmiths. On April the 9th this stranger decided to go for a drink, he rode the stolen horse right up to the side of the saloon, jumped off and slowly walked in. He walked up to the bar sat down and shouted "service! Service." The bar tender strolled up to this man and replied. "Yes, sir and how can we help you today?" "Get me a beer," the stranger replied in a disgruntled manner. The sheriff and his deputy walked in at this point, they walked either side of this half drunk stranger, each putting their hands on each of his shoulders, he spun round grabbing the guns from both of their holsters and rolled backwards over the bar, he lifted his hat. The sheriff recognised his face but where from? "Leave me alone or else!" the tall, dark scruffy looking stranger threatened. "Or else what?

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