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In shocking news, Wes Scantlin of the hit group Puddle of Mudd shocked everyone at a recent concert. Wes was up on stage when all of a sudden he started to yell at someone in the audience. Blabbermouth shared about exactly what happened with Wes on stage this week. This all happened at a January 30 concert at The Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta, Ohio. Wes Scantlin was on the stage in the middle of a song when he stopped and started to tell at someone in the crowd. This person was right up front and Wes was obviously very upset with them. Here is what West Scantlin screamed at the person in the audience before walking off the stage himself. "This motherf**ker right here stole my motherf***ing house and now he's standing right f***ing in front of me laughing at me. And he f***ing figures I'm a f***ing joke. This motherf***er right here. This motherf***er right here. Get his a** on camera. Right. Get his a** on camera. Get his a** on camera. This is the dog. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the puddle of mudd show was at the adelphia music hall and they apologized for wes scantlin's behavior during the show.
  • Explains that wes scantlin of the hit group puddle of mudd shocked everyone at a recent concert when he started to yell at someone in the audience.
  • Opines that wes scantalin is not happy about losing a house he once owned.
  • Opines that fans will think twice about buying a ticket to see puddle of mudd in the future.

It doesn't really seem that way though. After the show came to an end because Wes Scantlin left the stage and didn't …show more content…

Back in January, West was arrested for the second time and it was for trespassing in and vandalizing a house that used to belong to him. It is obvious that there is something to the fact that Wes Scantalin is not happy about losing a house he once owned. This house was taken from him in a foreclosure so he went back into it and Wes damaged it with a hatchet. TMZ did share that this house was in Los Angles and not in Ohio where they were at for this concert.Wes Scantalin has been in trouble with the law before for alcohol, drug charges and even leading police officers on a 100 miles-per-hour

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