Were the Republicans Hypocrites?

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• Daniel Webster defines a Hypocrite as “a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion” • A Democratic-Republican opposes a strong central government with most power assigned to the states, Alexander Hamilton's economic policies, advocates a liberal agrarian democracy, a foreign policy favoring the French Revolution while also appealing to poor townsfolk. • Both Mr. Jefferson and I were firm believers of Republican ideals, but under the circumstances, we had to adapt to the issues that affected our presidencies. • Many people believe that Thomas Jefferson’s desire to acquire land exceeded executive powers established under the constitution. However, the United States is a growing nation, and I experienced this growth as secretary of state for Mr. Jefferosn. This chart represents the population of the United States from when the first census was preformed until the projected numbers for the 1820 census. As you can plainly see, the number of people in the United States is growing by 2-2.5 million people per decade. There is not enough land to support these numbers, but buying the Louisiana Purchase added plenty of space for our nation to continue growing. Population density will be at a low for the time being thanks to westward expansion. The Louisiana Purchase will also add to our agrarian economy, which is supported by Republicans. • As secretary of state to President Jefferson, I realized the importance of Tripolian conflict, and applied them to my presidency as I handled the War of 1812. The Algerian corsairs captured 119 American merchantmen, held them captive for over 12 years, beat them regularly, were fed near-starvation rations, and were forced to work hard labor. These were American citizens waiting to be liberated. What was Jefferson to do sit back and watch these innocent civilians die, and pay an extreme ransom for their freedom? 31 hostages had already died in captivity, and you think Jefferson should have let the Pasha of Tripoli get away with these murders? Any president under these circumstances would have done the same thing Jefferson did; these acts were humiliating to the United States. • The War of 1812 was similar to Jefferson’s Barbary conflict. American sailors were being impressed by England. The Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States House of Representatives stated in their report, “The non-intercourse and non-importation laws, which invited the return of both powers to their former state of amicable relations, by offering
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