Wendy And The Darlings Comparison

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Faith, trust, and pixie dust is what Peter Pan is so well known for. However, every Peter Pan movie remake is different than the original. The story of Peter Pan starts off about the Darling Family, a household of a hard working father, a beautiful mother, three adventurous children, and a dog nurse. However, compared from the Peter Pan made in 1953 and the remake that was produced in 2003, there are quite a few differences, including character personalities, story line changes, and atmosphere changes. Between the two movies, each Peter Pan has a slight change to their personalities, even though they play the same role. In the 1953 film, Peter Pan has a more arrogant personality when it comes to himself. The reason he enjoyed going to see Wendy and the Darlings, was simply because he enjoyed hearing stories about himself and wanted to take Wendy with him to Neverland when he heard that there wouldn’t be any more stories. Peter also tends to love telling stories about himself just as much as he loves hearing…show more content…
Even though both movies had guns and fighting happen, the atmospheres are still different. In 1953, the movie gives off a more happy and lively vibe with the songs and the bright colors of the movie. It also has more of a laughable approach with the characters, making it more enjoyable. As for the 2003 version, it has more of a dark atmosphere at times, as well as more sad moments. It’s also a lot easier to relate to with the characters and grow more of a bond with them because of it. It also has a way of allowing you to feel every emotion there is, rather than just feeling happy. Overall, Peter Pan is a great film and one to really enjoy and appreciate. Even though both films have differences in the characters personalities, story lines, and atmosphere, they are both very enjoyable and bring back childhood memories. After all, what would Peter Pan be without faith, trust, and pixie
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