Wellness Reflection

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Maintaining your overall wellness is very important to stay healthy in all ways possible. This health and wellness class taught me about various topics that are very important and can have a huge impact on anyone 's daily life when applied. Good health, wellness, fitness, and healthy lifestyles are important for all people. Living and creating a healthy lifestyle is very important to me and has many benefits that go along with it. I believe living a healthy lifestyle means living life in a way that helps yourself be both physically and emotionally healthy. There are many different aspects to living a healthy lifestyle like, regular physical activity, eating well, managing stress, and protecting the environment. To apply these to my life I need to Recognize which determinants I have control over and work to improve or maintain healthy behaviors. I need to explore the determinants I have little or no control over to learn what I might be susceptible to and how to manage that determinant. living a healthy…show more content…
Knowing how to manage yourself with everything you have going on in your life and everything life throws at you is a very important skill to have. Everyone has different lives they are living so everyone will have different ways of managing their day to day tasks. I play sports and have a set plan to workout and stay in shape. During the season following a workout plan is very easy to manage and you have many other people or teammates to keep you accountable. After the season it is very important to have a set plan to continue to work out and stay in shape and keep yourself accountable. I do this by getting a group of people with the same mindset as me and the same interests of staying in shape and bettering themselves. Besides being an athlete I am also a student and it is very important to manage your time and make sure you are leaving enough time for
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