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Picture this, you have been sitting in front of your computer screen for multiple hours and still have yet to write a complete sentence. This is the struggle I encountered every time I attempted to write an Essay in WRC 1013. Before entering this course, I was unaware of the challenges that awaited me. I was somewhat familiar with the use of research and source integration, but I soon learned my knowledge of these two was not up to par for college-level writing. Throughout high school, I would just put off my essays until the day that they were due and then try to come up with something last minute. That is not the case for college though. I’ve come to realize how important it is to outline, draft and revise my essay to the best of my abilities…show more content…
One strength in particular is that when I am writing, I tend to not wonder off topic. I clearly state what I am going to be talking about throughout the essay in the introduction, and I continue from there. In my wellness essay introduction, I wanted to clarify that there are multiple categories to wellness, so I wrote, “There are several categories of wellness that exist. The criteria of wellness promotes healthy living, and benefits a person’s overall health. Different categories are determined by the way they benefit the individual whether it is physically, emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually” (“Wellness”). This example from my essay states that there were in fact multiple categories of wellness, and throughout my essay, I went through each one in detailed description describing the elements that make up that certain…show more content…
In all of my essays, there has been a notable amount of grammar mistakes. For example, in a QLP assignment titled “Perfect Mates,” I wrote the sentence “One group focused on the female traits while the other group focused on the male traits” this is in fact a run-on sentence. In my revision, I corrected this sentence by placing a period after “female traits” deleting the word while and capitalizing the the right after. This created two separate sentences of the previous run-on

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