Welfare: The Positive Impacts Of Welfare

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For decades, since 1935, Americans have been receiving financial assistance from the government for many reasons. These reasons can range from being without a job for a period of time, to being too old to work, to even being too poor to support a family. One of the biggest controversial topics of welfare are should we drug test welfare recipients? There are many pros and cons to both sides of the argument, but drug testing welfare recipients could make a positive impact on the American society. Some of the positive impacts of drug testing welfare recipients are possibly saving taxpayers’ money, encouraging drug free lives, creating a fairness between working class, and non-working class families, and lastly, promotes employment. All of these factors are positive impacts of drug testing welfare recipients and can create a better-living society for the lower class. The first and possibly most important reason to drug test welfare recipients is because it could save the taxpayers’ money. As of 2011, the state of Florida began drug testing welfare recipients. “Gov. Scott contends that the measure ensures that taxpayer money is not spent funding drug habits, Furthermore, Scott has also touted that by implementing drug testing, the state will save $77,000,000 in taxpayer…show more content…
This goes along with the last two paragraphs explaining drug-free lives and the fairness of drug testing. If America drug tested all of the American workers and welfare recipients, overall it could get pretty expensive, but it could also save tons of taxpayer money. But, it would also promote employment for welfare recipients by helping the ones who are using illicit drugs get clean and get a job so there are less people receiving welfare. “Both drug use and welfare have been noted as deterrents to work and underlying reasons for individual failure and personal responsibility” (Spencer pp.