Welfare Reform

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Is welfare a permanent solution or a temporary fix to a monumental epidemic in society today? Congress has implemented welfare reform legislation that simply has not helped or changed much. The question regarding the welfare system remains the same. What is wrong with welfare and how can it be fixed? This is not a simple question and does not have a simple answer. However, one thing is extremely clear; welfare is not working and desperately needs to change. The current welfare system is unfair to the taxpayers who are paying for failed programs, and the poor who remain trapped in a system that takes away their self-reliance and hope for their children. In the face of sweeping welfare reform, much still needs to be done to overhaul a bloated and destructive welfare system.

Although, our current liberal system wants everyone to believe that aid is temporary and very few recipients receive welfare for extended periods of time, this is simply untrue. The public is lead to believe that the current welfare system does not promote long-term dependence, but this is an inaccurate picture of the real welfare system today. “There has been an increase in people who rely on welfare with nearly one in six people receiving some form of public assistance. This is a larger number than was noted two decades ago and most spend longer periods of time on assistance. Of the 4.7 million families receiving public assistance, most have already spent six years on welfare with the average length of stay for welfare families noted to be 13 years.” (The Heritage Foundation P.1.) Total spending on welfare programs has continued to increase, with more “poor” Americans noted today than when welfare first started. The system is not working and has not acco...

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...ing reared in government-run day care centers. “At the beginning of the “war on poverty” nearly a third of all poor families were headed by adults that worked full-time. Today, only 15 percent of welfare families have a working adult in the household. Half of all adults of working age currently receiving assistance do not work at all.”(Coral Ridge Ministries P.1) In looking at this overall picture anyone can see that this is not welfare reform but a national disaster.

In the face of sweeping welfare reform, much still needs to be done to overhaul a bloated and destructive welfare system. Overall, welfare reform has painted a bleak picture and is failing not only the taxpayers, but also the people who it was set up to help. The government continues to pump more and more money into a failing system that does not have a very bright future at this time.

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