Welfare Reform

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The people that are on Welfare should be the only ones that need it. With this new proposal President Busch is cutting down those that are just sitting around soaking up the wealth. With the 70% more working after five years, the economy will go up, their respect will go up, and the those people with taxes will feel a little better knowing that their money is going to people who need it. The Welfare Reform is an excellent idea.

President Busch is putting a hold on the TANF funds. He is holding this money because the numbers on welfare have gone down by 56%, and at this time we don't need it. TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) was created in place of AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children). Even the name gives those on Welfare the knowledge that it is only temporary and that those people on it can get off of it and help themselves and their families. He feels that we could use this money or other money to set up programs to educate the youth. He wants more people to practice abstinence and for more families to get married and stay married. As rewards to States with lower non-marital birth rates he gives bonus. Almost like a reward for a child who has done something good. It will give some people an initiative, but it won't stop all the pre-marital relations. Though this is a great and ideal proposition, it most likely will not happen over night. Even if it does it will be in very few increments. The Presidents proposal about marriage counseling, anti-gambling programs, conflict resolution, and drug rehabilitation can help. Since Parents and teachers are the best role models, if they can shape up themselves and their problems, they might just shape up America and its children. It can protect those spouses with partners with drug or gambling problems and also their children from bankruptcy, physical or verbal abuse

People don't support welfare because of those druggies on it trying to buy their goods. If people have to pay more, they won't support it. However, if they take the money out of the TANF, or any other overflowing welfare fund that is not being used and the taxes don't go up, it will be supported.

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