Welfare Liberalism Essay

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The intention of liberalism is to allow the individual to live as they choose, however, obstacles such as economic conditions and inequality often block the individual from realizing their full potential. Government programs are implemented to combat these obstacles and aid individuals in obtaining opportunity and liberty in society. The basic human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness according to the Constitution of the United States are guaranteed and it is the government’s role to protect those rights. The right to liberty can only be possible through the opportunity of realizing one’s full potential, and welfare programs make this possible for many citizens. These programs are set in place to help people in need of assistance,…show more content…
It is within the best interests of society to promote equality, in order to preserve our economy, social structures, and liberty in general. Although government programs may mean higher taxes for some, the overall benefit of the programs is for the common good of society and provides a higher standard in the nation thereby fueling the economy and both private and public sectors. Welfare liberalism is not a socialist invention; for our capitalistic society to be able to operate efficiently there needs to be social programs implemented as to not return the the 1920’s where people were discontent with unrestricted capitalism and turned to socialism and communism. Without government programs society would become discontent and the liberties of many would be in jeopardy. Political theorists such as Thomas Paine and John Locke argued that it was the job of the government to protect human’s natural rights of life, liberty and property. Although their ideals of natural rights didn’t extend past white males, the principle of natural right’s is still relevant in discussing the equal distribution of natural rights to disadvantaged individuals in society. The current capitalist economy could not operate without government programs providing regulations to the privatization on capitalism. It is the duty of the government to implement policies that provide safe work conditions, economic security, health care to the poor, public education, and welfare

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