Welfare Case Study

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Plagiarism Checker Copy and paste your text below in text box ‘Welfare’ can be referred as “state of living of an individual or a group in a desirable ecological, economic and social environment ”. Welfare includes both the social and economic aspects. Social welfare is mainly concerned with the development of the weaker sections by means as social legislation, social reform, social services, social work, social action, etc. The main objective of economic welfare is promoting economic development by increasing production and equitable distribution. Employee welfare comes under social welfare, operationally and conceptually.It connotes a state of well-being, happiness, satisfaction, conservation and development of human resources. 4.1.1 Concept:…show more content…
A desirable state of existence which involves the mental, moral, physical and emotional well-being is considered as the total concept and constitute the structure of welfare. The welfare of man, his family and his community comes under the social concept of welfare which are interrelated and plays a crucial role in an employee’s performance at work. The relative concept of welfare implies that welfare is relative in time and place, which is a dynamic and flexible concept. Welfare implies providing minimum requirements and facilities like health, food, clothing, housing, education, insurance, job security, recreation, transportation, etc., which enables the employee and his family to lead a good life. Large-scale industrialization and urbanization can be neutralized by welfare. The concept of welfare is a very wide one and is more or less synonymous with conditions of work as a whole. It may include not only the minimum standard of hygiene and safety laid down in general labor legislation, but also such aspects of working life as such insurance schemes, measures for the protection of woman and…show more content…
Most of the companies in India provide non-statutory facilities with varying degrees. Why do such organizations provide an extensive amount of money on welfare measures? This question can be viewed from the perspective of the workers, the unions and the employers. Viewpoint of employees – The risk and insecurity of the employee are eliminated by Welfare measures, ensuring personal safety and providing equipment and congenial work environment. The Organization must provide facilities like transport, medical aid, subsidized food and crèches for the employees due to economic constraints on the employees. Viewpoint of unions – The union’s role in welfare stems from the workers’ need for welfare facilities apart from those available to them as members of the community. Therefore, unions feel that such facilities should be provided either by the government or the employers. Viewpoint of employers – They provide amenities as a part of their social responsibility, to raise the employees’ morale, to use the workforce effectively and to reduce turnover and absenteeism. They believe that welfare benefits not only to raise employee morale, but also to

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