Welfare Agencies Distribution of Services

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Spratt and Daveney (2009) carried out a research for contribution to how welfare agencies define and provide services to Families with multiple problems. They assumed existing systems doesn’t reflect full understanding of this service user group. This review seeks to establish the relevance of this research to this social problem and its contribution to the study.

Literature Review

To establish the relevance of this research, Spratt and Daveney carried out a literature review which identified child welfare systems in Australia, USA and United Kingdom as not designed to define families with multiple problems within context. Though the researchers made reference to classical groundbreaking researches done on the topic, their references for current researches were mainly limited to their previous work and research by close associates. Some work already done on the topic was omitted in their literature review which might have changed the course of their research, for example the work by Hist et al (2009) which highlights the launch of an initiative program dedicated to service users in this category. There was also another research in the USA by authors, Marsh et al (2006) on similar topic which also made reference to several models that exist and was done to evaluate effectiveness of these models, all of which were not made reference to. These limitations in literature deprive the research with up-to-date current information (Alston and Bowles 2003) and don’t give the researchers the urge for current thinking.

J.C. Marsh et al (2006) looked into the same problem of families with multiple problems as having challenges in achieving positive welfare outcomes. Marsh’s literature review made reference to work done al...

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