Welding And Its Effect On Society

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Welding whether its tungsten inert gas, metal inert gas, stick electrode arc, or oxyacetylene torch welding, welding is an incredibly freeing art. Welding allows you to create unlike any other form or sculpting or building process. It is not only an art it is also a building method and is very commonly used in the construction industry to build very strong rigid structures. Welding is the process of melting metals together to form a bond. There are usually three pieces of metal you must fuse to weld.Those are the two pieces of base metal along with a filler metal. More often than not you call the pieces of base metal your work pieces. The filler metal is usually a wire, in GMAW shielded metal arc stick it is an alloy wire whereas is a TIG welding is is usually nickel or other relatively pure metal wires. Early in the metal arc welding process the biggest problem being faced by welding is the instant corrosion of the filler metal and the immediate surrounding surface of the weld. The corrosion would decrease if not completely weaken the strength of the weld all together. What would happen is the weld would come in contact with the air the oxygen and nitrogen in the air would cause it to pit or make holes called porosity. These porosity holes were structurally unsound creating a potentially unsafe or even catastrophic failure in the weld. In approximately 1900 A.P. Strohmenger dipped electrodes into a mixture made of lime and clay. The coating was supposed stabilize arc make it easier to control the puddle as well as eliminate the porosity.The mixture was a success in that it stabilized the arc, how ever the porosity holes were still there Strohmengers mixture were sadly not the saving grace of welding but where a great step... ... middle of paper ... ...ating although moisture is still a problem we face today this process was the biggest step forward. To this day the extrusion method of making stick electrodes is the commonly practiced and most efficient. The majority of the most popular welding methods are SMAW methods and would not be around or nearly as advanced as they are now. MIG, TIG, and Stick welding are all SMAW methods that is 3 of the 4 most commonly used methods that would not where they are now if Oscar kjellberg didn’t contribute to the art of welding without his flux mixture and production methods welds would still be weak and highly porous they would not be a staple of modern ingenuity and we would not have the ability to build the kinds of rigid structures we do now with welding. Oscar kjellberg affected welding in a very grand way he introduced the shielded metal arc welding method to the world.

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