Welcoming Change

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According to Dr. Terri Kennedy (2013), there are seven ways to renew your life.
1. Pause — Take a moment to reflect on your decisions, this can help you to discover new methods to the same old responsibilities.

2. Change your mind - When a negative path is notice, substitute it with a positive one.

3. See a new reality – Every individual design their path in life and dreams are the blueprints. With the use of the imagination and the power of visualization we expand the potential and then take action.

5. Charge your energy - Releasing our physical energy can help us to go in the right state of mind for change.

4. Release dead weight - As we throw out physical things, we may also need to let go of some individuals in our existing circle.
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Welcoming change means accepting the mistakes that are made along the way. Individuals who do not let themselves to commit mistakes, will not be able to adjust well with life transitions, and will not be able to enjoy living life to its maximum capacity. What is evident is that everyone is going to be required to adapt to change throughout life, as changes are a guarantee, until the day we decease. Everyone has the ability to gain the ability to control life’s changes because we have the choice to study different ways of…show more content…
There are different ways that we can learn in life; we can indulged ourselves in books, which is the most common way to learn, we can also can learn by observing others, and by improvising on things never accomplished before.
How will I lean into the future?
I believe that visualizing how the future will looks like will help me to begin setting my goals and make the types of conscious and subconscious changes to my though blueprints that I will make to create this illusory future.
What might go wrong?
Many things can go wrong, starting with individuals that do not agree to my way of thinking. Relatives do not understand why I am taking that kind of approach, because they do not visualize my rationality behind my thoughts.

External Threats?
There are many external threats that can impede the life progression on an individual. Anything can cause a threat to the goals and expectations, things such as accidents, homicides and suicides can change the course of life dramatically. It is up to us to prevent or minimize some of the future events that may happen by visualizing a better future.


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