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I always like to remind myself about protecting the environment by properly throwing away my trash the manner my parents and my teacher have taught me. I had a teacher in the 4th grade and she would always remind every single one of us about why we shouldn't just throw trash on the floor and the outcomes of it. She gave me some advice and said, “Whenever you throw a piece of trash on the ground, a fish from the sea will die.” When I was young, at first it seemed ridiculous and I said that there is no way a fish will die because of me. But now that I think about it, the majority of our trash is never picked up and flies away awaiting it's journey to float into our ocean as if it was it's destiny. It's our responsibility to protect our environment from our trash we create by throwing it away in a proper place. Trash is responsible of decreasing the the life expectancy of marine organisms, creating consequences from removing it, polluting the entire ocean, and should be a topic worth discussing for.
Our trash is disposed into the ocean which can dramatically decrease the population of marine organisms and affect the food chain. Marine organisms such as sea turtles, fishes, and otters are the main organisms that are easily contaminated by trash. The marine animals will either confuse the small particles for food or tangle themselves by it and this eventually results in suffocation and death. For example, Edward Humes says that trash is the reason marine animals die in the ocean as a result of suffocation, “Trash is a huge problem, entangling and killing more than one hundred thousand marine animals and an even large number of seabirds” (Humes 108). Plastic is the most common trash that is responsible for the death of our marine life...

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... of dumping trash into our marine life habits. From the people, that I have asked, one of them believes that nuclear waste can perhaps be more of a useful item as it can possibly generate further energy once it has been contained to use it as a power source, but the others disagreed. The majority of people believed that nuclear waste should be dealt in a right way such as petitioning against dumping it in the ocean, create friendly Eco-power plants, storing it in a underground storage, or teaching other people the consequences of dumping it into the ocean. Together, we can find the ultimate solution to all of the contamination we have created and help find a solution that will attract many people to join. I believe that someday, we will work together and restore the natural process of dealing with trash and hope to establish this as topic worth hearing for Congress!

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