Welcome to Harmony

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Welcome to Harmony: Population 300; The sign read as Daryl gently eased the bike up in to the empty pharmacy parking lot and shut off the motor. From what he could see of the small town he had found, there was a pharmacy, a grocery store, a clothing store, a local doctors office, and a post office. That was about it. There wasn’t much going on for the town of Harmony, past or present. He looked around to make sure walkers hadn’t heard him pull in. The last thing he needed was to be caught in the middle of a herd. He saw one come around the corner, shuffling aimlessly down the street. It stopped and sniffed the air, spotting him. It began shambling towards him, its arms outstretched, mouth open and growling, sensing fresh meat. Before it could reach him, Daryl got up from his bike and pulled his hunting knife from his hip. He lunged at it and quickly sank it into the walkers rotting brain, dropping it to the pavement. He slung the blood and decaying flesh from his knife, and wiped the residue on his pants. He glanced around, listening to make sure no others had heard the commotion. The only thing he could hear was the pharmacy sign squeaking back forth from the pole as the wind gently blew against it, and the soft patter of rain as it drizzled against the pavement. So far, so good. He grabbed his crossbow from the front of the bike and walked up to the pharmacy window, peering through the dust and grime. The inside, surprisingly, had hardly been touched. From what he could see, the shelves were still stocked, even though a few of them had been knocked over. Hopefully he would have luck in finding the medicine that Carol needed, if not, he would try the doctor’s office next door. One way or another, she would be getting what ... ... middle of paper ... ... be no more than a medium. So what if it was a little big? As long as it kept her dry and warm, he wouldn't complain. He grabbed it and rolled it up, tucking it under his arm. He placed his crossbow on his back, leaving his hand free for his knife. He bent down and grabbed the boots by the strings, dangling them from his finger, and exited the store. He loaded his goods on to the bike and quickly circled out of the parking lot. And as he was leaving he saw another sign that said; Thank You For Visisting Harmony. We Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay. Daryl smiled and pulled down on the throttle. As he sped over winding ridges, with the wind blowing through his hair, a feeling unlike any he'd ever felt before came over him. A floaty, serene feeling, almost cathartic and sublime...peaceful. He gassed the bike again and picked up speed. Hold on darlin'. I'm on my way.

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