Weight of the World

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It didn't take long, before Ric had driven himself, and Serena to her home, it was getting late, but it seemed they needed each other's company, over the past eleven months, their friendship had grown stronger, together they could pull each other out of the darkest days. One glass of wine became another, and the second became a third, engaged in deep conversation in the comfort of Serena’s living room, laughter buzzed as quirky quips exchanged and words of wisdom given. They reminisced over old times, their trip to Cambridge, which ultimately led to a conversation neither imagined they would have. "I never asked, you and Kathy, why did that end? You said she was the love of your life..." Serena asked, almost unexpectedly. "I knew, I would hurt her, she and I, we never would have gone the distance" Ric replied honestly. "You married, five women, Ric... What about the hurt you caused them..." "I disillusioned myself into thinking, that I could settle for someone who wasn't Kathy, and I loved everyone one my wives, they each gave me the greatest gift of a child.... I'm not proud of my mistakes, Serena" "I know, and you're not a failure as a father, or a bad person... But" "What" "But, has no one else other than Kathy, ever gave you that, fire like feeling... They have your pulse racing so much, that... I ..." "No..." Ric interjected, knowing what she meant, but he was holding back on something. "Most of the men in my life are bastards... You're one of my closest friends, I just wanted you to know, I wanted you to have a happy ending, you deserved a happy ending, you're face lit up around her, and I got to see more of that lovely smile of yours, I liked seeing you happy..." Ric, felt touched by Serena's words, their trip... ... middle of paper ... ... everyone in my life at that time, my kids, my colleagues, the on-off lover, but, I didn't want to lie to her, I could not lie to her” "She must have been some woman" "Yeah, she was great..." "Let's make a pact" Serena spoke boldly, hoping to lighten the mood and lift Ric's spirits, she did not like seeing him subdued, he had come here to cheer her up, and now she needed to return the favour. "In five years time, if we're both single, miserable buggers, we'll have to put each other out of our own misery, get married and see who causes whose death first" Ric chuckled "Deal, although, I doubt we'd last a week" "A week, your optimistic, it's a surprise, you're still living, friendship is tough as it is" Serena joked. Ric laughed, that much was true, their friendship was slightly complicated, they were close, by could get each other’s backs up tremendously quick.
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