Week Four

Satisfactory Essays
Ask any African-American citizen, “If they think the criminal justice system is geared against them?”, and the majority will be definitely “yes”. Those that answered yes, can be encouraged with a voice to speak for them in a book titled The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. Objective or subjective, the debate rages on, but the rhetorical devices could be more harmful than shine the light on some resolutions to the problem.
In a diverse society that we live in, the minority groups have constantly fought for equal and civil rights that they are entitled to under The Constitution of the United States. African-Americans have debated for years that the playing field is not level when it comes to justice, civil or judicial. In an article in the New York Times (2012), stirs up the debate on these concerns in a book review. The book in question, The New Jim Crow-Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, the author conveys that the get-tough approaches to crime is targeted specifically the black community and has a deliberated effort to push back the strides made on the civil rights...