Week Four

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Yearly, More than 300,000 teens have an abortion. A lot of teens count on that abortion when becoming pregnant to save them from “ruining” their lives. There are several ways to have an abortion. Seven million people in the world are not able to have children due to infertility. When it comes to abortion there are a lot of different people that think it should be illegal. Then there are those that think that abortion should be a choice that everyone has. When getting an abortion, depending on how far along you are, is what type of abortion you are going to receive. Depending on what trimester you are in, is going to be the different choices that you have. In trimester one there is a lot more choices of the type of abortion then there is in any other. In the first trimester the types of abortion that you can have are; Methotrexate and Misoprostol- used in the first seven weeks is not common in the United States. Mifepristonde and Misoprostol- are used if you are in seven to nine weeks along. Manumal Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) is used from 3-12 weeks. This is when local anesthesia is used in the cervix. Aspiration is all the way up to sixteen weeks and is a surgical termination. They types of abortion used in the second trimester are; Dilation and Curettage (D&C) - this is a surgery that is done up to 16 weeks along. Dilation and Evacuation (D&E), Induction Abortion- is rarely preformed and is salt water, urea, or potassium chloride injected to the amniotic save and prostaglandins are inserted into the vagina. In the third trimester there are very, very few things that can be done. Introduction Abortion, Dilation and extraction is used after twenty one weeks. All of these things have very seriously risks. All of these can cause da... ... middle of paper ... ...d I must go on with it, not resort to the easy way out. If I would have felt that I did not want the child for my own, then I would most certainly not have killed it. When Julie Cline writes about how abortion saves teenagers from ruining their lives, I think she forgets about the risks that are included in having an abortion. If they have an abortion and any of the risk happens, like destroying the womb or cervix, they will never have kids again. They may not think that they are ready to be a parent now, but destroying that child could make them so that they never have to worry about having another. I think that abortion should be illegal. No matter what I do not think that any child deserves to die, inside a human body or out. Works Cited Julie Cline, Teens abortion, March 14, 1987 Americanpreganancy.org, Induced Abortion The American college of OBGYN, 2001

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