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Gay marriage is a huge issue in the United States, some states have allowed it after taking to time to really see that all people deserve to have their own rights, but my state, Indiana, still will not allow gays to marry. They say that it is not the right way to live your life. The real question is what is the “right” way to live life? We all are different in our own ways, whether it may be color, religion, or simple things like our hobbies. That is what makes us such great country. We have our freedom to express who we are, but the gays do not because the older generations do not approve?
There are so many things that are good about gay marriage. When gay marriage is allowed it is giving everyone their right to be married. This is important because we should all be able to get married when we see fit in our lives, no matter who we want our spouse to be. I think that everyone deserves the right to be married, and I do not think that the government should be able to dictate who we marry. You also have to think about the fact that being gay is not always a choice. There have been several studies that have shown that someone being gay is the way that they are born, not what they choose. This being said, a great example of this would be a person that has mental retardation, they are still allowed to get married when they want to in their lives, so why not gay people. It is all the same, they are born this way; it is not a choice that they are able to make. I think that is a great way to show that our country really is diverse, that we see all people for people and not what their religion is, or who they love.
Now I do think that there are some drawbacks to gay marriage. I think that gay marriage, or just two gays in a relationship c...

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... someone wanted them to, it just happens. I think that there should be an overall vote if the congress really wants to take it that far, and see which side wins. There are so many things that we can look at that can help to see if it is better to ban gay marriage or to allow it. It is giving all people the right to marry whomever they chose to, and it shows them that just because they are a little different does not mean that they do not belong in the world. Now there are some bad aspects to allowing gay marriage, but there are some bad aspects to almost everything in the world. I am for supporting gay marriage because it is allowing everyone to be free, like this country is supposed to be.

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