Week 6 Paper

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Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release
When an accident happens, the first thing in people’s minds usually is how to notify the family. The second thing is how to notify the rest of the world. In today’s world, news travels fast. Sometimes the fastest way may not be the most appropriate way to deliver the news to love ones.
On August 5, 2010, an accident left 33 workers trapped in a copper mine in Chile. When a tragic accident like this happens, there are things to consider before delivering the message to the families and to fellow employees. Information like this just cannot be blurted out without any thought. It must be carefully planned as to give both of the audiences, in this case the families of the trapped workers and the fellow employees, the correct information.
Take for example the families of the trapped worker; the trapped workers are sons, fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, and so on. The way you give information to a wife about her husband is not the same way you would give that same information to a young son or daughter about their father being trapped. ...
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