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The reproductive systems main job is procreation. Men and women’s reproductive systems have different functions and therefore different parts. The male reproductive system is associated with the hormone testosterone while the female reproductive system is associated with the hormones estrogen, oestrogen, and progeterone. There are both internal and external structures those serve important functions to both genders. The external structures for women include the labia, Bartholin’s gland, and the clitoris. The labia are the “lip” looking structures of the female anomy. Their jobs is to protect the other external organs, like the urethra that allows urine to exit the body. The Clitoris is also covered by the labia. It is “analogous to the head of the male penis”. It has many nerve endings in it making it very sensitive. The final external structure is Bartholin’s gland. This gland is next to the opening of the vagina; it makes mucus that is uses as a lubricant. Then there are the internal organs. First is the vagina itself, which is a canal that is used to birth children and receive the penis during intercourse. Then there is the uterus which is an organ that babies are conceived and gestate in. the uterus is also known as the womb. In-between the uterus and vagina is the cervix which is very strong muscle that stretches during childbirth allowing a baby to pass through. Then there are the ovaries, there are two of them on either side of the uterus. The ovaries produce eggs and hormones. And finally there are the fallopian tubes which connect the ovaries to the uterus. Eggs from the ovaries travel down the fallopian tubes and into the uterus. If the eggs is fertilized it turns into a fetus and grows into a baby; if it is not fertil...

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