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Do you wonder what types of weddings are out there? There are actually many types of weddings like Gypsies, Indian, and Japanese etc. All of these weddings are different and unique, but the one that is the most vibrant and traditional is an Indian wedding. Indian weddings stand out because they have all these new and fun moments and parts to the wedding. These weddings also follow a very strict religion as well making the wedding more entertaining to watch. Marriage and wedding traditions emphasize the traditions of India because they value religion, respect tradition and, differ from American weddings.
To begin, Indian weddings have a certain amount of religious components. Veer states in this quote that "the sacredness of the Hindu wedding is more easily recognized as such" (Veer 153). This shows that they incorporate their beliefs into many aspects of their lives. Stating the following it is said that there religion is sacred to them in most everything that they do. Also they do not prefer when someone disrespects that aspects of their religious union. An example of disrespect is if your cellphone went off while the couples were doing there seven rounds around the fire or talking when you are not supposed to be is also a form of disrespect to the couple’s holy matrimony which does not go well at the end of the ceremony for you. Even though they value there sacred religion it is also a part of their religion to have certain aspects of their weddings.
In addition, Indians are not afraid to show their religion in their weddings. The research and markets: A theme wedding at Exotic Locations drive the wedding planning Industry in India informs "weddings in India are a grand affair..." (Frads). What is being implied is that Indian we...

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