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Weddings The food is likely to be vegetarian, although the rice pudding dish (var), which is traditionally served at Kashmiri weddings, can contain lamb. The feasts are sumptuous so be prepared to eat a lot. Cutlery is not always used so follow tradition and eat off banana leaves with your fingers. Alcohol is generally not served at Hindu weddings and you are introduced to exotic drinks such as Mathis (salted buttermilk) instead. In some communities, the bride and groom mingle with their guests during the feast after the wedding but the bride's time is often engaged with post-wedding ceremonies. One of the customs enjoyed by the Punjabi bride is similar to the throwing of the bridal bouquet in western weddings. If you are hit by the kalira (bauble) on the bride's bangles, you are probably the next to marry! Preparations for a Hindu wedding To Hindus, marriage is regarded as a sacrament and the Hindu male needs to get married to enter a vital part of his life: grihasti (the householder). It is his socio-religious duty as it fulfils the three aims of a man's life: 1. Dharma: his duty to his family and society. 2. Prajana: children. This is where he is expected to have children to benefit his family name, the human race and appease the souls of his dead relatives. 3. Rati: literally, sensual pleasure where a man seeks sensual

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