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Web servers are important in today’s internet market, they implement the Hyper Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and it can be run by any computer. It could be used in a local network as well on a wide diversity web site around the globe, enabling user to read information from various resources. A web server enables users to move from one site to another by links call Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). This hyperlinks are the responsible of setting fonts, emending related files (e.g. graphics), and setting fonts in web pages. There is plenty of web server software, and they are available for users in opens sources, and commercial markets. These servers can support millions of request for commercial purposes or to support a lightweight home use with few requests. Web services are a way to intercommunicate end-users over the web through electronics devices. Web Server are software that administrate web requests from clients in a HTTP form, then another server usually response to the client in HTML format. They locate, and access the requests resource, and send back the response to the originator of the request. The response back to the client usually comes from a browser. But how this process works? The user using a URL place the request, then the web server maps the URL to the request making the server to read a file from a disk once the response is found, the server transfer the HTML file to a browser using HTTP.
Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) is proprietary manageable web server created by Microsoft. Is form by a group of servers that use common Internet protocols including HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and NTTP, with capabilities for Window 2000 Server and Window NT operating system. IIS incorporate a group of programs for administering ...

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...oft gained significantly, up by 2.43 percentage points to just shy of 20-percent of worldwide sites. Apache web server is been in the top since 2000, Microsoft IIS and Nginx are in the battle for second place. I think that open source web server is more commonly use than commercials servers.

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