Web Homepage Analysis

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Task: You are to provide a report in which you analyse a web homepage clearly identifying the target audience, purpose, form and context. You must provide evidence of understanding the structural features, language features and visual features. The homepage that I’m going to research is the homepage of IMDb. The address for this website is http://www.imdb.com/. The purpose of this homepage is to provide the general public with the latest release movies, movie news, photos and galleries from movies, the actor and actress that were born on the day when the user opens their homepage, trivia quiz on a movie, and a featured poll where you vote for the question that they ask. The content of the homepage is laid out really well into rows with subheadings so it is easy access on what the user is trying to access. The homepage is updated daily and regularly as new movies are released, snap shots of the latest photos and galleries are shown from movies and movies awards, actors born on that day changes as well. The IMDB means Internet Movie Database. It is an online database for movies, t...
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