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The Basics of Web Design Web Design is the process of creating, making, and developing websites. It includes many different features such as webpage layout, webpage content, and also graphic designs. In general web design and web development work together, but the term web design is an actual category of web development. The main way of creating websites is building it from scratch using HTML language; which stands for Hypertext markup language. Web designers build websites using HTML tags that define the content of each page. The layout of the webpage and the appearance of all the elements will be built by using CSS; which stands for Cascading Style sheets. Therefore, all of the websites are being of combination of HTML and CSS files to define of how the page going to appear to the client or user. Many web designers prefer to build a web page starting from scratch by typing HTML and CSS codes, and others they prefer using a software for building and designing these webpages. Some of these soft wares to build and design websites are Dream Weaver which is mostly being used on MAC operating system or WordPress and Joomla which makes it easier for the web designer to design the webpage using the templates that these software already have listed, when the designer choose which template to use the software will automatically build the HTML and CSS files to create that template which also saves time and energy of writing those codes. In the following we going to point out the basics of web designing by using HTML and CSS files and show the steps to create HTML template, heading tags, HTML lists, create paragraphs and break tags, create CSS file, CSS rules, Font sizes, color, style, and adding images, hyperlinks, and CSS layouts. Let’s... ... middle of paper ... ...e here because if you add the Period (.) before the name the rule will not work. Also notice that there are quotes around the name of the class it is not required but it is recommended. The use of ID Selectors is the same exact way of using the Class Selectors, but rather than typing Class just type ID. Overall, the main language is used for modern webpages are the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascade Style Sheet.) Both of these languages are important in web design. Learning how to use these two languages will make it easy for the development team to build, design, and develop a website. What we mentioned above was the basics of web designing, which a brief summary of the basics of codes to design a webpage. This topic covers a lot of information after getting used to typing the codes; it will get easier for the designer to use both of the languages.
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