Web Audio: Downloading Audio On The Internet

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Web Audio: Downloading Audio on the Internet Legally and Illegally


Web Audio: Downloading Audio on the Internet Legally and Illegally

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this research paper is to discuss the legality of downloading music over the Internet. The paper will reflect the different methods available for Internet downloading such as subscription and peer-to-peer sharing.

Methods and Procedures

The resources used to find information on the topic were found from articles in the Galileo Database including Academic Search Premier and Wikipedia. There is information taken from the AdviceNow website which specializes in independent law and rights advice. is also used as an Internet source.


The research paper will begin with the history of downloading over the Internet. . Then there will with examples of ways to download audio both legally and illegally. The paper will conclude with the impact of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and how it affected the legality of file sharing, and give then examples of file sharing cases, such as the Napster trial.

I. Introduction

a. Downloading facts and numbers

b. Types of downloading

II. History of Downloading Audio over the Internet

a. Illegal peer 2 peer websites

b. Legal peer 2 peer websites

III. File Sharing Cases

a. Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998

b. Napster Case

c. Other cases

IV. Conclusion

V. Bibliography


Everyday millions of computer users share files online. Whether it's music, games, or software, file sharing can give people access to an almost unlimited amount of information. File sharing by definition is the practice of making files available to other users for download ove...

... middle of paper ...

...t only become more accessible as technology advances. Even with new products, such as the iPod, are meant to only work with the iTunes, but hackers have made converter programs for the mp3 player which allow for the user to download music for free and convert the file to one which is applicable to the iPod. The digital age indeed is upon us.

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